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​김일화 한의사 Lena Kim

Lena Kim L.Ac, KMD

Comprehensive NEURO/Pain Specialist

MD(DKM,Korean Traditional Medicine), L.Ac​

대한민국 한의사, 전문의 /  미국 캘리포니아 한의사 (2008' 면허취득)
한방순환신경내과 전문의 (2012' 취득)

전, 자생한방병원 얼바인 분원장 (2015-2021)

현, LA 동국대학교 침구대학 외래교수 

현, 김일화한의원 대표원장
Doctor of Korean Medicine
Integrative Medicine Physician

Licensed Acupuncturist 

CONDITIONS WE TREAT *But no limited to 

PAIN & Arthritis

Sport Injury

Disc Herniation & Stenosis

Stroke Rehabilitation

Central and Peripheral Neurologic Diseases

Sleep Disorders

Menopause/ Perimenopause Hormone Therapy


Fertility Issues 

Head, Face & Neck Pain 

Spine & Joint Pain 

Brain and nerve Disorders 

Pattern diagnosed Wellness 

Headache, Migraine, Jaw Pain, TMJ disorder, Neck stiffness, Facial pain/ palsy, Trigeminal neuralgia

Spinal disc herniation, Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, Ankle and Knee injuries

Rehabilitation of post-stoke patients, Parkinson's disease, Neurologic disorders.

Korean Medicine considers the patient's whole body functional systems and relationship between symptoms, as well as disease diagnosis. Catching those pathological patterns is called "Holistic Pattern Assessment" and its' directly connected to the prescription of Herbal Medicine and Lifestyle consultation


​문자/전화로 예약하실수 있습니다. 홈페이지에서 직접 예약하실 분은 링크를 클릭해주세요


Patients Testimonials

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Marina L.

Dr. Lena was truly one of the best experiences for me. It is by the far the best holistic treatment I've received and if I was still in the area I would continue going there forever!

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