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Acupuncture close up
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Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Neuro Acupuncture is a unique technique for acute muscle and nerve dysfunctions. It is a combination of traditional Asian acupuncture and contemporary understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology & neurology.

Every herbs used in our clinics are premium, organic herbs that passed rigorous quality tests, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices. Depending on individual's constitution, we use custom ingredients and process that are best suited for an individual.

To thoroughly understand every patient and build trust between a doctor and a patient, our clinic is by reservation only. Via in-depth 1:1 consultation, we offer a customized treatment that is unique to patient's constitution and current health condition

Head, Face & Neck Pain 

Headache, Migraine, Jaw Pain, TMJ disorder, Neck stiffness, Facial pain/ palsy, Trigeminal neuralgia

Spine & Joint Pain 

Spinal disc herniation, Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, Ankle and Knee injuries

Brain and nerve Disorders 

Rehabilitation of post-stoke patients, Parkinson's disease, Neurologic disorders.

Pattern diagnosed Wellness 

Korean Medicine considers the patient's whole body functional systems and relationship between symptoms, as well as disease diagnosis. Catching those pathological patterns is called "Holistic Pattern Assessment" and its' directly connected to the prescription of Herbal Medicine and Lifestyle consultation

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