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Our Treatment Team

Our mission is to provide the highest quality acupuncture and Korean medicine treatment and service in a positive, fun, and caring environment. When you step into our state-of-the-art office, you will see that attention to detail in creating your health and wellness is the top priority of Dr. Lena Kim L.Ac, Dr. Se-young Kim L.Ac, and our talented staff.

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Lena Kim, L.Ac, KMD

Lena Kim is dedicated to providing safe, effective, and patient-centered care. She offers treatments that combine Korean Medicine and evidence-based medicine.

Lena Kim graduated from the college of Korean Medicine at WonKwang University and also earned her Master of Science degree. After obtaining a license M.D.(DKM) in Korea, she proceeded with her career at Won Kwang Medical Center as a clinician and a researcher. Her main interest in patient care and research was in the Brain Neurology field with a specific focus on establishing the mechanisms and effect of acupuncture and herbal extracts on Cerebral blood flow. With an education background in Korean Medicine and Cardiovascular and Neurologic Diseases, she has been working on exploring mechanisms and establishing proof of the effect of acupuncture and herb extracts on cerebral blood flow and its possible application in the treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular disorders such as Stroke. 

Her vision to strive to provide excellent quality health care made her expand her practices of Traditional Eastern Medicine from South Korea to

The United States. She moved to the US to occupy the director's position at Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine, which is one of the most eminent Korean Medicine Hospital (JASENG HOSPITAL in Korea) network branches in Spine&Joint care. She is co-working with many other healthcare providers in the Greater Irvine area, CA.  

She strongly believes that a quality education enables her to understand each patient thoroughly. Her passion to expand Korean Medicine to American communities fuels her interest to continuously study and research a variety of medical approaches, and evidence-based and personalized treatment. To her, her patients are her best friends and teachers. Beyond practicing medicine, Dr. Kim loves playing music, camping and traveling.


Won Kwang University, Graduate School of Clinical Korean Medicine, South Korea
Master's degree in Korean Medicine
Won Kwang University, College of Korean Medicine, South Korea 


2021-Present: CEO, Lena Kim Acupuncture, Newport Beach, CA

2019-Present: Professor, Dong Guk University LA School of Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
2015-2021 : Director, Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine, Irvine, CA
2013-2015 : Director, Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine, Chicago, IL
2012-2013 : Jaseng Integrative Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea
2008-2012 : Korean medicine hospital affiliated with Won Kwang Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea 
Department of Cardiovascular and Neurologic Diseases 

Licensure & Certification
Licensed Acupuncturist, California

Licensed Acupuncturist, Illinois

Licensed Acupuncturist, New Jersey

Licensed Acupuncturist, New York

Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM

The license of Korean Medicine, South Korea 
The license of Internist in Korean Medicine, South Korea

Scholarly or Professional Memberships

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine member, diplomate

American Acupuncture Council member

Acupuncture Society of California member

American Association of Korean Medicine member

The Society of Korean Medicine member

The Society of Korean Internal Medicine member

The Korean Association of Stroke in Korean Medicine member

Honors and Awards
Official commendation from The association of Korean Medicine Doctors, for dedication and services to the community for practicing Korean Medicine, 2012

Certificate of Merit from Korean medicine hospital affiliated with Won Kwang Medical Center, for contributing as a Cheif resident. 2012
Certificate of Medical Interpreter Doctors from Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. 2011

Advisory committee member for International Traditional Medicine Symposium in Seoul, Korea, 2012



 “A Case of Myasthenia Gravis with Strengthening Qi therapy by Bojungikki-tang and Acupuncture : Two year follow-up". The Journal of Korean Oriental Internal Medicine, fal(1): 473-479, 2011 (published in English)

 “A Case Report of Diabetes-induced Dry Mouth Treated with Bun-sim-ki-eum". The Journal of Korean Oriental Internal Medicine, fal(1): 281-287, 2011 (published in Korean)

 “A Systematic Review on Randomized Controlled Trials on Acupuncture Treatment for Chronic Tension Type Headache”. Master’s Thesis, WonKwang University, Feb 2011. (published in English)

 “Case of monocular Partial Oculomotor Nerve Palsy in a Patient with Midbrain and Thalamus Hemorrhage”. Korean Journal Oriental Physiology & Pathology, 24(2): 333-337, 2010 (published in Korean)

 “A Study on Using EAV (MERIDIAN) by Analysis of Cerebrovascular Disease Risk Factors ”The Journal of Korean Medicine, 31(5): 136-145

 “Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Treating Trismus and Cervical Dystonia after Brain Stroke”. The Journal of Korean Oriental Internal Medicine, fal(1): 205-209, 2010 (published in English)

 “A Case Report of Complication of Herpes-zoster with dyspepsia by Hyangsayukgunja-tang”. The Journal of Korean Oriental Internal Medicine, fal(1): 262- 268, 2009 (published in Korean)

 “Case Report of Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosed as Deficiency of Qi and Blood”. The Journal of Korean Oriental Internal Medicine, 30(4): 2009 (published in Korean)

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Se-Young Kim, L.Ac



        Looking back on my journey from loving sports as a kid to becoming a dedicated acupuncturist, I'm really thankful for all the experiences that have led me here. I grew up playing soccer, basketball, and golf and even earned a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo. But seeing my friends get hurt while playing sports made me really interested in how the human body works, which led me to study more about it. This interest took me to special training with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps and then to business school in the US, as I wanted to continue my family's legacy.

        However, it was during this time that I found my true passion: helping people feel better, both in their minds and bodies. I started with teaching Pilates, which I found rewarding because I could help and support others. For 11 years, I ran my own Pilates studio in Los Angeles, which was a great experience. But I wanted to learn even more about how to help the human body, so I studied traditional Korean medicine at Dongguk University Los Angeles.

        Now, I focus on helping people with sports injuries, getting better from surgeries, and fixing their posture. I'm committed to using traditional Korean medicine methods, like acupuncture, Tuina manual therapy, and stretching exercise to talk to my patients and help them in the best way possible.

        My goal is to be an acupuncturist who doesn't just help people heal but also makes a positive difference in their lives. The 11 years I spent as a Pilates instructor taught me a lot and helped me understand how to help people feel and live better. I'm excited and determined to keep growing as an acupuncturist and make a lasting impact on my patients' health and happiness.

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