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A medical insurance verification form is a document that a medical facility will use when verifying a patient’s medical coverage. An employee of the medical facility will be required to send the form to the patient’s insurance provider so that an agent may fill in the form with the patient’s personal and insurance information. After the form has been completed by an agent and delivered back to the medical office, the medical staff will be able to determine what type of medication or care is covered by the patient’s insurance policy.

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Cancellation Policy 

We understand that sometimes unexpected events happen and things come up that are out of your control. Please review our policies below and respect the time of our practitioners by providing advance notice for cancellations. 

  • Cancellation 

    • Cancellations/Reschedules made 24 hours BEFORE a scheduled appointment will NOT incur a penalty or fee. ​

    • There is a 24- hour cancellation policy for all appointments.

    • Cancellations/Reschedules made in less than 24 hours will be charged $45

  • Lateness

    • Appointment may occur every 20 minutes. We need you to be ready at your scheduled time so that we have the time for quality treatment. 

    • If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment, you may not be asked to wait, and if treated your time may be cut short. 

    • Patients more than 15 minutes late without notice are considered canceled and we will consider it a missed appointment which will be charged $45. 

  • No Call/ No Show

    • Patients without Treatment Packages will be charged $100. As you know, the Insurance company doesn't cover no-show fees.

    • Patients with Treatment Packages will lose ONE treatment. ​​

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