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Myofascial Cupping Therapy: A Hands-On Approach to Relieve Pain

If you are experiencing muscle stiffness or soreness, myofascial cupping therapy might be the solution for you. In this technique, cups are placed on the skin, and the acupuncturist creates suction to mobilize and soften the underlying tissues. This hands-on approach can help manage pain and discomfort by improving the range of motion and promoting an exchange of nutrition in the joints.

Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years and was used by ancient Chinese and Egyptians to heal various ailments. While some people may be hesitant to try myofascial cupping due to the marks it can leave on the skin, it is a popular and effective treatment for muscle pain, shoulder, tight neck, back spasm, sports injury, and more. Myofascial cupping targets the fascia, which is a thin layer of tissue surrounding and holding each of your body’s muscles, bones, organs, and vessels in place.

"Myo" is short for muscular tissue, and "fascia" is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that covers the entire body. If this system is compromised, you may experience less range of motion, increased sensitivity to pain, and a greater risk of degeneration.

Myofascial cupping therapy is an effective way to address these issues.

The suction created by small cups placed on the skin helps to raise the top layer of skin and fascia, providing more space for underlying tissue to untangle and relax. Cupping also increases blood flow to strained and damaged areas, which aids in the healing process. Myofascial cupping provides relief from muscle tension, increases mobility, and enhances blood and lymph flow.

During a myofascial cupping therapy session, the acupuncturist places cups on specific areas of your body, usually your neck, shoulders, back, or hips, and you might feel sore afterward. However, once the soreness subsides, you will feel looser and more relaxed.

Benefits of myofascial release
  • Improve your range of motion.

  • Reduce soreness and help assist the tissue recovery process.

  • Help the body relax overall.

  • Improve circulation.

  • Release tension, knots, and even stress

At Lena Kim Acupuncture, we use a medical-grade electric cupping machine aiming at increasing the effectiveness of the treatment and also making the marks less dark after cupping therapy. Please consult with us for more details. 949-943-6161

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